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Solving Difficult Situations

Handling Difficult People

Have you ever been blindsided by an extreme emotion, yours or someone else's, and you didn't know what to do?

You are not alone! Ready to learn how to access strength and calmness; solve any difficult situation using power perspectives; and get to the next level of emotional mastery?

We all know that if we don't master our emotions, they will master us. 

Interested in joining my mastermind class where you will learn how to solve any difficult situation and handle any difficult person using power perspectives?

Click the JOIN US button to go to my private Facebook Group Called: Let it Flow!


Amy Thomas:
"Extreme emotions can be daunting, but they don't have to be defeating!"
I can think of many stories where extreme emotions caught me off guard and I was  embarrassed by my reaction.


And with that said, I can think of many times where I got really angry, and it was totally justified and I am glad I expressed myself and let my voice be heard!

So whether you are trying to learn how to express your emotions more powerfully to get closer to someone you love, or you are learning how to use your voice to make a stand for something you believe in...

Emotional Mastery and The Continuum (TM) are the keys to your success!

My proprietary mastermind classes are forming right now and if you would love to learn more about them and how you can be poised when you should be anything but poised, click the

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