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6 Month Group Immersion Package

Master the Magnetic Mind Method in a Group

Join the Program and Consciously Create

A Results-Driven Coaching Method

24 Group Recode Sessions

12 Power Perspectives Recordings

12 Meditations

Up to 24 Group Members

Daily Practice to Consciously Create

Get your hand held

Get answers to questions

Get clear on how you can become more magnetic

Total Commitment: $7000


This is a great way to assemble your own team at an affordable rate!

This is an exclusive offer for clients who have already experienced my proprietary coaching methods and want to make securing services with me even more affordable.  

Basically how it works is the leader of the group, a client of mine, is the point person for the group; she makes the upfront payment; assembles the team (however many she wants to invite, up to 24); provides me the contact information for the team members; and then issues weekly handouts, zoom links, and manages the invites. 

The team decides together who will be coached each week. It can be the leader of the group, or it can be on a rotation so everyone gets a turn. There are 24 sessions, thus the limit of 24 members on the team. The person in the hotseat will get 1 on 1 coaching, and the others will observe, build their own lists of True Choices and Current Realities.

I will provide education each week plus a group recode based on what the person in the hot seat is needing to let go and move out of the way! 

It has been found that group recodes are highly effective for making the process even more powerful. If the team is cohesive and working on similar goals, it can be even more on point and powerful.

Team members will have access to me through email to ask questions and to gain additional support throughout the duration of the program.

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