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Meet Amy Thomas, MagMind Impact96

Certified Magnetic Mind Coach  | Certified Integrative Life Coach

I have been guiding people since 2001 to see what they can't see so they can finally live a life they absolutely love!

What are you choosing to create in your life? 

Are you living with pain, frustration, and anxiousness and just want to be free of it? 

Do you feel like life is passing you by and you are running out of time? 

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The Present Moment is Pre-sent to us!

I love the memories I have of deep inner KNOWING that there is more than our senses can perceive...


...whether it was the time I was playing with my tin doll house on the third floor of our haunted house, the angel I saw when I had the flu and was all alone in the dark, the red beady eyes I saw in the window as I was going to bed, the time I should have been impaled on my way to my college entrance exams, when I totaled my Millenia and could have died three times in one accident but was back to work an hour later, or my recent heart attack that left medical professionals mystified... the list just keeps going of the myriad of experiences I have had that reinforce all really is well and everything is always working out for us! 


In every circumstance, I felt the presence of something unexplainable and very loving and guiding. I knew in the moment how to handle the scary situations, how to embrace the love that is ever present, and how to bounce back more resilient then ever. 

What has been tricky is using what I have experienced to create consistent results. As I immersed myself in books, courses, and certifications, my knowledge base grew and expanded. I have used this knowledge to build my KNOWING and to turn around and help other people who also want to step into a relationship with their higher power. 

The first step for everyone is to decide what is your higher power? What do you call it? What is your relationship with it? Is it personal or impersonal? Does it change depending on what you are navigating?

Joseph Campbell referred to the structure of our belief systems as "Mythology" and explained it as "truth emerging." So what is your mythology? How does your mythology serve you and lead you to more deep knowing?

My journey has led me through many variations of mythology; and the main common denominator for me is that it has to be true for me! So the same is for you: it has to be true for you!


One of the constructs of my mythology is that the present moment is pre-sent to us. In hindsight, I could see how I was prepared to deal with the ghosts that haunted me, the beady eyes that stared in my window, the car accidents, the heart attack... I was prepared for everything. When I really looked at all I had been through, it was easy to see how the present moments were pre-sent to me. 


In working with me, I will guide you to learning how to tune in and tap in so you too can be prepared and get the preparation pre-sent to you. I use a variety of tools from The Continuum, to the Rapid Recode, to connecting with infinite intelligence, to Subpersonality Processes, to card reading, to using powerful questions. Any and all the tools are designed to unlock the deep inner knowing and to give you access to feeling lighter so you can create experiences that feel lighter. 


Maybe it takes a perspective shift, or choosing a new story, or connecting to true power... or maybe all of it. Through talking with me each week, you will unlock what it is for you so you can stop grinding it out and instead deliberately create a reality you love!

I love this journey of discovery and transformation!

My clients and I every week are sharing stories that are pure evidence that we are creating our experiences. And when the how and the why are illusive, we dive in through conversation and exercises to get to the bottom of what it is and why they are creating what they are creating. 

Since I have been doing this work for over twenty years, I have a great toolbox of exercises and processes that help with gaining insight, moving resistance out of the way, and quite simply seeing what is otherwise hard to see!

It is a sheer pleasure to me to continue learning and growing with each book, each course, each powerful conversation! I turn decades into minutes for my clients by sharing the abundance of insight and knowing that is a part of the fabric of who I am. 

I love seeing what is next: what is around the next bend? When you live in a world of infinite possibilities, it is never spelled out but it is guaranteed that it is on your behalf that it is happening. The universe is truly kind even if we can't always see it! By working with me, you will too learn how to see the kindnesses that are being done for you!

Many of my clients came to me because they felt like they were grinding it out without getting the results.

They described frustrating and painful stories of what they have manifested and wondered, "How in the heck did I create this?!" Through the processes and conversations, their perspectives shift, they choose new stories, and they invariably leave the conversation feeling better than they thought possible!

So what do you think? Do you want to step into this magical world of seeing the universe in a whole new light? If so, click on the link below to have a free 30 minute conversation with me. We will pack a lot in and it will give you a taste of what it is like to work with me.

Most of my clientele comes from word of mouth and the number one way I am referred is by my client saying,

"Just call her, you will see! Just call her!"

And that stuck: I help people to see what they can't see for themselves!

Eager to meet you! Click on the link below! :)

I'm always looking for new and exciting conversations. Let's connect.

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