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Amy Thomas

What if you could achieve everything you set your mind to?

What if you are your personal change agent, but just don't know it?

Often when we hear, what if, it is in retrospect, often regret... what if I had done this, or what if that had not happened?  

How are you viewing life these days? 

I am proposing that you choose the "what if's" that inspire you and light a fire in you.

What if you could overcome setbacks easily, every time?

What if you could see your blindspots?

What if you could manage stress so well you always felt on top of everything?

What if your success is just a series of conscious choices?

What if you could design your life based on your priorities?

What if you could get out of auto-pilot and take the wheel?

What if you could be calm and poised even in the heat of the moment?

What if you could harness your emotions and use them to be empowered?

What if you could achieve personal, professional and financial success?

All of these "what-ifs" will keep coming at you. What will you do about them?


Life is full of possibilities.

Are you taking advantage of those opportunities?

If you have been grinding it out day in and day out, and feeling like the faster you go the "behinder" you get -- it can be hard to know how to get in control of you life.


Procrastination becomes a bigger problem.


Overwhelm is draining and exhausting.


Disappointments make you want to give up.


You hear yourself saying you should have, could have, would have, if only...

I have been helping people like you to adopt the mindset that allows you to take action and create a life by design rather than default.


For the last 20 years, I have talked to thousands of people and guided them from confusion, hopelessness, disappointment, frustration to...



powerful questions, and

simple tools


to empower,

uncover emotional blocks,

move limiting beliefs out of the way,

and guide you to take action that effectively changes your life

in the way you want your life to change. 

I will help you to have deeper understanding of your inhibitions.

Finally you will see what is holding you back so you can reframe the circumstances of your life and make new choices.



--Choices that take you in the direction you want to go and result in lasting changes. 

If you are tired of holding back, living a ho-hum life, waking up exhausted and living days filled with overwhelm; take one simple step.


Talk to Amy.



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